Daniel B. Krieg, Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of reliable and cost-effective Lane Enterprises products for your drainage needs.

For more than 90 years, we've provided quality storm drainage pipes to Harrisburg, York, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Lancaster, Hershey and surrounding areas. When you need storm drainage, corrugated steel or other piping products throughout Central Pennsylvania, Daniel B. Krieg can help you meet your needs. Our drainage products fall into two categories:

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Benefits of Drainage Pipes

Installing a drainage system can benefit all properties, whether for commercial, governmental or residential uses. Some of these benefits include:

  • Preserving your landscaping: If you let water accumulate on your property, you risk flooding your plants and potentially killing them. Also, lawnmowers and other vehicles are more likely to tear up your grass when the soil is frequently wet. 
  • Preventing erosion: Water will find a way to drain one way or another. There's a higher chance that it will erode in ways you don't want it to if you don't have an appropriate drainage system in place.
  • Removing toxic materials: A drainage system can effectively remove water from flash flooding or other events that may bring contaminated water to your property. Having a pre-planned system to drain the toxins will prevent them from sinking into your property.

Different Types of Drainage Pipes

Daniel B. Krieg, Inc.'s products fall into two categories: high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and corrugated metal pipe (CMP).

  • HDPE pipe: High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is a type of corrugated pipe workers commonly use for projects involving storm water storage, culverts, water quality management and other similar projects. Builders typically prefer this pipe for residential, golf course and agricultural projects, as it is affordable and relatively easy to install. HDPE pipes typically have a service life of around 100 years.
  • CMP: Corrugated metal pipe (CMP) has a two-ounce-per-square-foot zinc coating that makes it helpful in culverts, storm water systems, drainage systems and small bridges. CMP provides options such as 10-foot and 20-foot sections, different section configurations and pipe arches. It also offers benefits such as affordability, longevity, superiority and environmental friendliness. 

Impact of Storm Drainage Pipes

Storm drainage pipes are essential in preserving your property from water damage. The soil around the buildings on your property won't erode as quickly if you have pipes in place to remove the water. A storm drainage system can also keep you healthier, as it removes toxins from your property and prevents mosquitos and other insects from breeding in stagnant water.

However, storm drainage pipes can also have a harmful impact. As a result, it's essential to correctly design your storm drainage system to limit its effect on the environment. With the appropriate pipes, you can plan out an effective system that safely removes accumulating water from your property. There are several aspects to keep in mind when installing storm drainage pipes, including:

  • Size: Correct sizing is important when installing pipes. They can cause flooding if they transport too much water to the same place.
  • Durability: Ensure you choose pipes that will not crack or leak, which will cause water to flow into the surrounding environment.
  • Flow: Install pipes with smooth interiors at the proper angles to ensure there are no future blockages.

Daniel B. Krieg is your resource for storm drainage and other piping needs in Harrisburg, York, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, and the surrounding areas. Since 1933, we have served Central Pennsylvania with a commitment to providing outstanding products that reflects the latest innovations in our industry as well as an emphasis on building loyal relationships with our customers. We are a proud, family-owned business that values the Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania community.

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Yes, we offer our own freight options, but if you want to set up your own pickup or freight arrangements, that is an option also.

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No, we do not accept Credit Cards for international orders.

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No, we do not ship orders internatonally or take any international orders at this time.

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