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Daniel B. Krieg, Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of products to meet your needs. Our pavement maintenance products, signs, posts, pipe, geotextiles, traffic safety products, and personal protection products are reliable, quality items that we have competitively priced to save you money. Please visit one of our locations in Harrisburg or York, PA or call us to find the right product for your application.

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Pavement Maintenance Products

pavement maintenance products

With over 90 years of experience in pavement maintenance, Daniel B. Krieg Inc. has done the research for you when it comes to the highest quality products, tools and equipment for the best results. We handle traffic paints, crack filler, pavement sealers, lutes, squeegees, blowers, melters, stencils, shovels, brooms, and much more! Contact us for pricing information
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Traffic Signs and Posts

traffic signs

We provide a wide variety of choices and options for all of your signage needs, including traffic signs, custom signs, posts, mounting brackets, and hardware. As one of the largest sign distributors in central PA, many of our traffic signs and road signs are MUTCD and DOT compliant. Our sign shop is proud to offer you great quality at fantastic prices. Contact us for pricing informationDownload our sign brochure

traffic posts

Our strong, versatile, and cost effective square and U-Channel posts are approved by the Federal Highway Administration. Made of high-tensile steel, our durable posts resist rust & corrosion and are easy to install. View More
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Traffic Safety Products

traffic safety products

In addition to both aluminum and roll-up construction signs, our traffic safety inventory includes traffic cones, Type I, II, and III barricades, flags, rigid & roll-up sign stands, stop and slow paddles, delineator posts, bumper blocks, and speed bumps. Contact us for pricing information
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Personal Protection Products

personal protection products

Construction companies, businesses, and municipalities rely on personal protection products to stay safe from danger on the job site. Our quality line of ANSI safety vests, hard hats, gloves, eye protection, and coveralls will help keep you protected at a competitive price. Contact us for pricing information
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Pavement Marking and Measurement Products

pavement marking and measuring products

We provide the highest quality measuring wheels, stencils, marking paint and line paint. Our 5-gallon fast dry waterborne paint is competitively priced and available in white, yellow, and blue. Contact us for pricing information
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Geotextiles and Erosion Control Products


We handle a broad range of geo-synthetic and erosion control products. From soil erosion to seed to nonwoven geotextiles, you can find what you need for your particular application. Our competitive pricing and large inventory of products make us a leader in Central PA for your specific needs - separation, filtration, stabilization, protection, or drainage! View More
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Drainage Pipes

drainage pipes

Our stock of corrugated pipe includes both galvanized steel and HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipes. The storm drainage pipe is manufactured by Lane Metal Products and brings you the best in quality and durability. Our inventory also includes elbows, tees, end sections, and fittings. If you're located near Harrisburg or York, visit our nearby locations or contact us for more information. View More
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Call 717-564-2400 for pricing and ordering information or contact us to place your order!

Benefits of Buying Pavement Maintenance Equipment and Products Locally

Daniel B. Krieg provides high-quality pavement maintenance tools in Harrisburg and York and throughout central PA. We make it easy to browse our available tools and get a quote for your project. Whether you need a replacement tool or want to stock your construction team, we have plenty of different options to suit your needs. 

We offer unique benefits you might not find with a national competitor. When you buy pavement maintenance tools locally, you get: 

  • Better prices: You can save money on shipping costs and fees when you order from a local supplier. We also offer competitive prices on all our products so that you can stay within your budget. 
  • Faster delivery: Instead of waiting weeks for your equipment, you can order from a nearby company and get your tools when you need them. 
  • Knowledgeable support: We only hire experts in asphalt maintenance and care. Our team is full of knowledgeable people who'll answer your equations and provide insight. 
  • Personalized care: As a local business, we understand every project is different. Our team can help you find suitable materials for your circumstances and walk you through the sales process. 

At Daniel B. Krieg, we are here to help you through your purchase. Instead of shopping online or trying to do research yourself, you can trust us to answer all your questions and provide insight as needed. We are located nearby so that you can reach us any time. 

Why Trust Daniel B. Krieg?

Daniel B. Krieg has served central Pennsylvania residents and businesses with pavement maintenance products for years. Since 1933, we have dedicated ourselves to helping others take care of their property. We are an entirely family-owned business, and we value every one of our customer relationships. 

When you work with us, you get: 

  • Experienced staff who work with you from start to finish. 
  • Access to a wide range of products.
  • Information from a long-standing industry brand. 

We are committed to innovation as our business continues growing, and we add new products, services and service areas as often as we can. Our team is full of educated professionals who have experience with asphalt maintenance and repair. Our sealcoating and asphalt maintenance equipment can help you accomplish any job efficiently. 

To prove our confidence in our craft, we offer a one-year warranty on our materials and services. Trust Daniel B. Krieg for quality asphalt maintenance equipment and services in central PA.

Product Ordering Information

Q.Can I place orders with my credit card?


Yes, customers can pay with a credit card. Call 717.792.0284 now if you're ready to place your order.

Q.Can I arrange to pick up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company?


Yes, we offer our own freight options, but if you want to set up your own pickup or freight arrangements, that is an option also.

Q.Do you accept credit cards for international orders?


No, we do not accept credit cards for international orders.

Q.Can you ship orders internationally?


No, we do not ship orders internationally or take any international orders at this time.

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