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sealcoating company in mechanicsburg As an insured and PennDOT prequalified company, Daniel B. Krieg offers commercial sealcoating services in Mechanicsburg. Sealcoating, also known as pavement sealing, applies a protective layer to asphalt-based pavements to protect the surface from elements such as water, oil and UV damage.

Our Sealing Process

Commercial sealcoating in Mechanicsburg includes our implementation of Sealmaster® Pavement Sealer.. With its proven durability, the sealer goes through demanding testing standards to provide our clients with consistent color. In the case you cannot shut down your entire parking lot, we can barricade it into segments to ensure sealcoating provides minimal interference to your business. Our sealcoating process includes seven steps to ensure you receive high-quality results:

Harrisburg PA sealcoating step by step process

Our streamlined process takes about 24 hours to settle if ideal conditions are met — temperatures above 65 degrees and a dry and clear surface. Using the Sealmaster® Pavement Sealer allows us to protect your parking lot’s surface from hazardous conditions. Our team of individuals also adds sand to increase skid resistance and adds latex into the mixture to increase the sealing’s resilience and to limit marks.

Crack Filling in Mechanicsburg 

Cracks are a normal part of every asphalt lot's life cycle, and they can often be fixed. Daniel B. Krieg offers crack filling services in the Mechanicsburg area. Our technicians use the PennDOT-approved rubberized crack filler to repair your pavement. We apply our approved crack filling material over the crack at 300 degrees Fahrenheit using Crafco and Cimline oil kettles. 

With our assistance, you can extend your pavement's lifetime and prevent further issues from developing. We recommend getting cracks filled once a year by a team of professionals. Crack-filling only works on straight-line cracks, as other types indicate subbase issues. The material only needs a few minutes to dry, so we can get in and out while saving you time. 

Some other significant facts about crack filling include: 

  • Crack filling has a lower average cost than alternative pavement treatments. 
  • Crack filling prevents water penetration, which can damage the sub-base. 
  • Crack filling prevents potholes, which can pose a trip hazard and damage vehicles. 

For over 90 years, we have performed crack repairs and residential sealcoating in Mechanicsburg. Our services improve your lot's appearance and give you a clean slate for the following year. If you notice cracks developing, Daniel B. Krieg can help. 

Sealcoating Benefits for Mechanicsburg Businesses

Sealcoating is a crucial process in owning any asphalt lot. Compared to other parking lot repair methods, sealcoating is time-efficient and straightforward. With our professional team and top-grade sealcoating equipment, we can minimize downtime and sealcoat your pavement quickly. 

Sealcoating your asphalt offers multiple benefits, especially if you're a business owner in Mechanicsburg. When you choose Daniel B. Krieg for sealcoating, you can: 

  • Save money: Sealcoating is a routine process with a fixed cost. You can prevent minor cracks and issues from growing and costing you even more money down the road. 
  • Improve your lot's appearance: Sealcoating provides a clean surface that is both attractive and easy to keep neat. You can enhance your pavement's appearance and the area around it. 
  • Protect your lot: Keep your lot in the best shape possible and protect it from cracks, potholes and more. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier against water, sunlight and chemicals. 

Sealcoating your lot every four to five years will yield these advantages. When you sealcoat your lot on our recommended timeline, you can spend less on repairs than your pavement's original cost. Regular sealcoating helps you stay within budget and keep your asphalt secure. 

Check out our video on the full benefits of sealcoating in Mechanicsburg: 

How We Serve Mechanicsburg

2018 top pavement contractor D. B. KriegDaniel B. Krieg employs experienced professionals who have been serving central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas for over 90 years. Using highly efficient sealcoating equipment, we provide pavement sealing and asphalt emulsion services for all your parking lot maintenance needs. Not only are we committed to innovation and investing in our employees, but Daniel B. Krieg also researches modern products and methods to enhance our quality of work.

As a commercial sealcoating business in Mechanicsburg, we offer valuable results for our commercial customers. We pledge to provide clients with premium services at the best price from beginning to end with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. Our experts serve Mechanicsburg neighborhoods such as Old Town, Tower Hill, Orchard Crest and Colonial Crest. About eight miles from Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg receives the same services as every Daniel B. Krieg client.

In July 2017, Mechanicsburg, a borough in eastern Cumberland County, had a population of about 9,352 people. Whether you are a small or large contractor, our expertise accompanies us throughout PA.

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References Of Our Past Work

Below are a few of our most recent projects. View more photos in our projects gallery!


Bishop McDevitt High School (304,500 SF)
1 Crusader Way
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Mechanicsburg's Local Sealcoating Contractor

While asphalt deterioration is unavoidable, our services can slow down the process with routine sealcoating and crack filling. To determine when your lot may be ready for our services, you should consider several aspects — for example, how old the parking surface is, when you last applied a sealcoat and if you notice any deterioration.

What began as an asphalt products company, is now a family-owned business and a leader in the application of liquid asphalt emulsions, cements and sealers. It’s recommended to sealcoat every three to five years. No matter if you live Tower Hill or another section of Mechanicsburg, call us at 800.334.4929 or submit an inquiry online to learn more about our services.

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