Harrisburg highway contracting servicesDaniel B. Krieg, Inc.'s experienced drivers look forward to servicing your job-site needs. We pride ourselves on our clean, well-maintained highway equipment, and make it a priority to always be on-time.

Our highway contracting services include:

  • Tack Coat: Tack coats are critical if you're laying asphalt for your highway, roadway, or parking lot project. Tack coat is the material that bonds the various layers of your asphalt to make one solid, unified piece of pavement. Adequate bonding is crucial to ensure that the completed pavement is strong and durable. At D.B. Krieg, we use a PennDOT-approved tack coat material on all projects.
  • Prime Coat: If you're relatively new to highway contracting, you may not be entirely clear on the distinction between tack coat and prime coat. Prime coat is an emulsified asphalt coating that is applied to a base rock or subgrade prior to installing additional layers. The purpose of the prime coat is not to add structural value to your asphalt as with a tack coat, but rather to provide protection to the substrate before adding additional pavement layers. We perform both tack coat and prime coat highway services.
  • J-Band®: J-Band® is applied immediately prior to paving, as part of the normal HMA construction process. Using a spray bar, J-Band® covers an area 12 or 18 inches wide on top of existing pavement and under the location of the eventual longitudinal joint. This material is fast-acting! In 30 minutes or less, the road can be ready for traffic. Unlike other joint treatments which are applied top-down, J-Band® migrates upward, filling voids and fighting off air and water. On the average roadway, every $1 invested in J-Band® typically saves agencies $2 in avoided and deferred maintenance costs.

  • Rubberized Joint Sealing: Once paving is completed, new joints need to be sealed with a hot rubberized sealant to protect the new pavement from water infiltration and other deterioration. Our experienced crews are able to complete up to 20 miles of rubberized joint sealing per mobilization. We have a fleet of (3) 400 gallon hot oil jacketed Crafco EZ1500 kettles to complete sealing operations efficiently. At DB Krieg, we seal over 2 million feet of joints per year for PennDOT, the PA Turnpike, and local municipalities. Check out videos below of our crews in action:

  • AC-20 Sealing: We are proud to employ the most experienced AC-20 sealing crews in the Central PA and Maryland region. AC-20 (also known as PG64-22) is a Penn-DOT approved sealant that is used to seal curbs, barriers, joints, and vertical edges on paving projects. AC-20 is a popular material because of the numerous environmental resistances it can confer on your asphalt road, including UV resistance, ozone resistance, mildew resistance and airborne contaminant resistance.
  • Hot Rubberized Crack-Filling: At D.B. Krieg, we have been performing crack filling services for decades for a wide range of applications, including township roadways, commercial parking lots, airports, schools, and highways. Our rubberized crack filler is a PennDOT-approved material, designed to expand and contract with pavement through the freeze/thaw cycle of the winter season. Our crack-filling services can significantly extend the life of your pavement, and save you money in the long-run by helping you avoid expensive pavement repairs.
  • GSB-88: Many of our highway contracting customers, most notably the Pennsylvania Turnpike, have seen great results from GSB-88 material. GSB-88 is a Gilsonite-based emulsified asphalt sealer. This coating is formulated to restore the oils and resins in pavement that may have dissipated due to oxidation, traffic wear, and weather. It can quickly rebind your aggregate and create a protective water-resistant and sunlight-resistant seal. Popular on highways and airport runways, GSB-88 is a natural, non-toxic material that can dramatically improve asphalt life and reduce repair needs.
  • Geo Composites: Geo composites combine a variety of geosynthetics such as geotextiles, geonet and geomembrane in order to enhance the filtration, drainage, reinforcement, containment and separation functions of these materials. They have a variety of applications in highway construction. You can use them to separate waste and polluted soil so that these products do not poison the greater environment in landfills or around ponds where drainage is problematic, in trenches alongside your highway or in similar spaces. We can provide you with quality geo composite materials for you to apply as you see fit.

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All distributor trucks in Daniel B. Krieg's fleet are equipped with computerized rate control. This system maintains the desired application rate regardless of distributor speed, bar width, or transmission gear change during operation. Precise application rates within .01 gallon +/- per square yard are achieved. Our trucks can safely transport asphalt cements, cutbacks, and emulsions. Our drivers are trained and experienced with the proper care and handling of liquid asphalt.

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Our advanced joint sealing fleet includes (3) 400 gallon Crafco EZ1500 hot oil jacketed kettles. Our experienced crews are able to complete up to 20 miles of joint sealing in one mobilization.


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Highway Contracting Service TruckWhat sets Daniel B. Krieg apart from other highway contractors? It starts with experience. We have been serving Scranton, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, State College and other Pennsylvania communities since 1933. Through these 90-plus years of service, we’ve learned what it takes to get a job done efficiently. And we never rest on our past success. We’re always challenging our best practices and philosophies to ensure we’re providing the most modern and effective highway contracting services possible.

We also value long-term relationships. With our roots firmly planted in Central Pennsylvania, we are proud to serve our loyal customers time and time again. If you’re looking for a highway contractor you can count on, contact Daniel B. Krieg.

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