2024 top pavement contractor D. B. Krieg When you need sealcoating for paved surfaces at your business, Daniel B. Krieg delivers. We have served the Harrisburg area since 1933 and provide quality results for commercial customers. In more than 90 years of serving Central Pennsylvania and beyond, we’ve learned that our customers value a streamlined process that takes the stress out of sealcoating.

A high-quality sealcoating application will provide a layer of protection to block out damaging elements like water, oils and exposure to the sun. If left untreated, your pavement is subject to rapid deterioration. Even the most well-maintained asphalt surface breaks down over time. However, pavements that undergo annual crack filling and sealcoating every three to five years are more likely to last up to 30 years before requiring replacement.

Regular pavement maintenance also increases safety and eliminates potential hazards to vehicles and pedestrians, which reduces the chance of liability should a severe accident or injury occur.

As one of the most respected contractors in the Central PA region, we'll stand by your side throughout the entire sealcoating process. The first step involves a free estimate that outlines all the necessary costs for the project. We itemize our bids in detail, allowing you to see the exact structure of the proposal. 

From there, we'll work with you to find a time that fits the needs of your schedule.

There’s little to no prep work on your end, and we simply need a few ideal conditions for exceptional sealcoating. These include:

  • Temperatures consistently above 65 degrees
  • Dry surfaces — sprinklers should be turned off beforehand.
  • Clear surfaces — refrain from fertilizing grass near the surface for a week ahead of time.

If you can’t close your entire parking lot, we can barricade it in sections to ensure our sealcoating process provides minimal disruption to your business. In about 24 hours after completion, you’ll have a beautifully sealcoated surface. To learn more about our pavement sealing process in York, Harrisburg and surrounding regions, continue reading.

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How We Sealcoat: Step by Step to Fantastic Results

When we arrive at your business, our goal is to provide quality commercial sealcoating while moving as efficiently as possible. We want to ensure that you get back to business quickly. To keep the process efficient, our sealcoating process includes seven steps:

Harrisburg PA sealcoating step by step process

Step 1 - Preparation of Edges: We start by using a power edger to trim and remove any grass or dirt along the edges of your parking lot. This allows us to seal up to the very edge of the pavement, giving a clean finished look.

Step 2 - Cleaning: Pavement sealer will not adhere to dirt or mud. We thoroughly clean your parking lot using robust equipment—walk behind blowers, rotary brooms, turbine blowers, and sweepers. (Not included: cleaning heavy construction debris or pressure washing.)

Step 3 - Crack Repair: Linear cracks are blown out with 185 CFM compressed air, then filled with a hot, rubberized crack filler that is designed to expand and contract with your pavement through freeze/thaw cycles. (Note: "Alligatored areas" of cracks cannot be crack filled—they will need to be removed and replaced.)

Step 4 - Primer Coat: Oil and grease spots are treated with a primer to allow for proper adhesion of the sealer.

Step 5 - Pedestrian Safety: The area to be sealed is closed off to traffic and pedestrians with cones, cone bars, barricades, and (if necessary) caution tape. It is the property owner's responsibility to notify all relevant people of our work ahead of time.

Step 6 - Sealcoat: Two coats of sealer are applied using a state-of-heart spray application. The trim is brushed by hand to reduce any possibility of overspray on walkways, curbs, or buildings. All roadway ends are given a clean, straight end for a professional look.

Step 7 - Line Paint: Parking lot lines are repainted as per existing. If the property owner wants a new layout painted, or any other changes, they will need to nofity us before we begin our work.

Sealcoating Benefits for Businesses

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Daniel B. Krieg's Sealcoating Service Area

daniel b. krieg sealcoating service areas Pennsylvania counties include: Adams County, Berks County, Bucks County, Carbon County, Chester County, Columbia County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Delaware County, Franklin County, Fulton County, Huntingdon County, Juniata County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Lehigh County, Mifflin County, Montgomery County, Montour County, Northampton County, Northumberland County, Perry County, Philadelphia County, Schuylkill County, Snyder County, Union County, York County.

Maryland counties include: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Frederick County, Harford County, Howard County, Kent County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Queen Anne's County, Washington County.

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What’s Next?

We recommend waiting 24 hours before driving or walking on your newly sealcoated surface. You may notice tire tracks on a recently sealed surface, which is normal — these tracks will disappear as the sealer cures over a one- to two-week period. Once that curing period ends, you can fully enjoy the beauty and benefits of a sealcoated surface.

Our one-year satisfaction guarantee on workmanship and materials will also provide you with peace of mind. Many of our customers wonder how often they should sealcoat. We advise customers to sealcoat once every four to five years as a general guideline.

Routine maintenance can go a long way in keeping your pavement in working order. Several simple housekeeping tasks can sometimes make a difference between how often you need the services of a contractor. Some examples include:


  • Remove impurities: Regular removal of dust, debris and trash can significantly reduce the chances of damage over time. Dust can seep into the tiniest of cracks, causing their size to increase quickly. Regular cleaning also allows you to inspect the condition of your pavement in detail.
  • Ensure proper drainage: Standing water poses one of the most significant hazards to an asphalt surface. If all of the cracks and holes of your pavement appear filled, contact a contractor to discuss possible grading solutions.
  • Limit the pavement load: Large trucks are especially damaging to an asphalt service. If possible, limit the amount of time heavy vehicles can park at your location. Designate trash pickups on the edges of your property so the collection vehicles can stay relatively far away.
  • Remove snow and ice quickly: Melting snow leads to standing water and ice, the biggest enemies of a fresh asphalt pavement. Using a reputable snow removal service during the winter months can help prevent ice from damaging your pavement's surface and keep the cars that travel on it safe.


Feel free to contact us at any time for guidance.

Additional Information on Commercial Sealcoating

Further your sealcoating knowledge with D. B. Krieg. Get additional information on our sealcoating services or grow your understanding of the many benefits that sealcoating provides.

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