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Sealcoating near Carlisle Pennsylvania Daniel B. Krieg is a commercial sealcoating company in Carlisle, dedicated to offering premium services. Sealcoating applies a protective layer to asphalt-based pavements to provide protection from elements such as water, oil and UV damage.

Our services include commercial asphalt sealcoating, crack filling and tack and prime coating. The objective of crack filling is to prevent moisture from seeping into cracks. While we offer a one-year guarantee, we are not responsible for damage throughout the warranty phase.

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Sealmaster® Pavement Sealer

If you are searching for a durable sealer, we use Sealmaster® Pavement Sealer. It provides you with a consistent jet black color and is up to par with testing standards. The sealer is made of certified raw materials, and our professionals add sand and latex to increase skid resistance and the sealer’s resilience. To ensure our services provide you with optimum results, we implement a seven-step process:

Harrisburg PA sealcoating step by step process

It’s recommended to wait 24 hours before walking or driving on the sealed pavement, and if you need your lot open for continuous use, we can segment it to reduce our interference with your business. Our clients receive high-quality results when ideal conditions are met, such as consistent temperatures above 65 degrees and a dry and clear surface with which to work. By using Sealmaster® Pavement Sealer, Daniel B. Krieg protects your parking lot from harmful conditions. Learn more about D. B. Krieg's sealcoating services or contact us directly for additional information.

Crack Filling in Carlisle

Crack filling is a standard maintenance procedure for all asphalt lots. As weather patterns cause the asphalt to contract and expand, cracks form on the surface. These cracks open up and allow water to penetrate the subbase, which can cause more extensive issues if left untreated. At Daniel B. Krieg, we recommend getting your cracks patched as soon as you notice them. 

We repair cracks with PennDOT-approved crack filling material. Our rubberized solution dries quickly and safeguards your asphalt lot from further damage. Surface cracks can lead to resurfacing your entire pavement if they are continuously exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Some benefits of crack filling include: 

  • Cost: Crack filling has the lowest price of any asphalt maintenance procedure. You can protect your entire lot while sticking to your budget and avoiding significant expenses down the road. 
  • Time: Resurfacing or completely replacing your asphalt lot can become necessary if cracks penetrate the subbase. These procedures require you to shut down your lot completely, whereas crack repair only takes a few hours at most. 
  • Safety: If cracks turn into potholes, they can quickly become trip hazards. Potholes are also hard on vehicles. Crack repair creates a smooth, safe surface to drive and walk on. 

Sealcoating Benefits for Carlisle Businesses

Sealcoating tackles many different maintenance concerns with one procedure. Daniel B. Krieg is an industry leader in sealcoating, and we can help you improve your entire lot with just one treatment. We recommend sealcoating your lot every four to five years to keep your asphalt in the best shape possible and protect your investment. 

Advantages you can expect from your sealcoating treatment include: 

  • Improved aesthetics: When you sealcoat your lot, you get a shiny new blacktop to impress everyone on your property. You can enhance your entire lot's appearance after a single treatment. 
  • Affordable costs: Instead of paying for extensive repairs, you can occasionally sealcoat your lot and save money on upfront and accruing costs. 
  • Better protection: Sealcoating adds a water-resistant layer to your parking lot. Our sealcoating materials also help fight erosion and UV damage. 
  • Cleaner surface: After you sealcoat, you can easily clean your surface and remove debris, chemicals and dirt. With no cracks or divots in your lot's surface, you can sweep much easier. 

Crack filling is most effective on sealcoated lots. We encourage all business and asphalt owners to sealcoat their properties and save time and money on other maintenance charges. Daniel B. Krieg can sealcoat in Carlisle and throughout central PA to  help you protect your asphalt. 

Commercial Sealcoating Services in Carlisle

Daniel B. Krieg employs experienced professionals for every project. Our commercial sealcoating in Carlisle serves all neighborhoods including Boiling Springs, Downtown and Bonny Brook. Rated by Forbes as the second best place to raise a family in the Harrisburg area, Carlisle is the 50th largest community in Pennsylvania. Carlisle is a borough of Cumberland County, and as of July 2017, the city had a population of 19,670 people. Spanning about 5.53 sq. miles — comprising the Dickinson College area and New Kensington in the northwest section — large and small contractors and businesses in Carlisle can rely on Daniel B. Krieg.

We are insured and prequalified by PennDOT to perform commercial sealcoating. Our experienced professionals employ the most efficient methods and equipment to provide pavement sealing and asphalt emulsion for your parking lot maintenance. Carlisle neighborhoods can rely on Daniel B. Krieg for exceptional services and prices. We have been working around central PA and the surrounding areas for over 90 years, and our experts will continue to offer valuable results no matter your location.

References Of Our Past Work

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Bishop McDevitt High School (304,500 SF)
1 Crusader Way
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Rely on Daniel B. Krieg

2018 top pavement contractor D. B. KriegWe recommend sealcoating every three to five years — depending on how old your parking lot is, if you see any deterioration and when you last applied a sealcoat. Although asphalt corrosion is inevitable, we are able to slow down the process.

As a family-owned business that began in 1933, Daniel B. Krieg continues to be a forerunner in the application of liquid asphalt emulsions, cements and sealers. We commit to modernization, exploring current products and investing in our employees to ensure our quality of work remains top-notch. Call us at 800.334.4929 or submit an inquiry online. Our representative will help you learn more about Daniel B. Krieg and our commercial sealcoating services.

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