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2017 top contractor Sealcoating — pavement sealing — is a service Daniel B. Krieg provides as a protective layer over your parking lot. Applied to asphalt-based pavements, sealcoats guard it from water, oil and UV rays. Other services we provide are commercial crack filling and tack and prime coating. Pavement deterioration is unavoidable, but our commercial sealcoating services in Hershey help slow down the process. If you are unsure whether your parking lot requires our services, consider how old it is, when sealcoating was last applied and the level of deterioration.

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Daniel B. Krieg’s Sealcoating Process

Commercial sealcoating used by our company involves the application of GemSeal® FedSpec Pavement Sealer. Tested to the highest standards, the sealer is durable and presents a consistent jet black color. Made of certified raw materials, the pavement sealer provides our commercial clients with premium results. Our trained experts follow a seven-step process:

Harrisburg PA sealcoating step by step process

We also add sand to improve skid resistance and latex to increase the sealing’s resilience and to limit marks. GemSeal® FedSpec Pavement Sealer helps us protect your pavement from dangerous conditions. However, we require consistent temperatures above 65 degrees, and your parking lot must be dry and clear before we begin. Wait 24 hours before walking or driving over the sealcoating.

More information on the importance of sealcoating can be found on our Why Sealcoat? page. For immediate service, contact Daniel B. Krieg today for sealcoating in Mechanicsburg and surrounding areas.

Commercial Sealcoating in Hershey

Daniel B. Krieg foundersFamed for Hersheypark and Chocolate World, Hershey is home to about 14,374 people. With several primary neighborhoods, Hershey relies on Daniel B. Krieg for professional commercial sealcoating. We offer all our clients a one-year satisfaction guarantee, although we aren’t responsible for destruction throughout the warranty period.

As a commercial sealcoating company in Hershey, we are insured and prequalified by PennDOT. To ensure your business in Hershey remains operable, we can either complete our sealcoating process in one swipe or section off your parking lot so as to not disrupt your everyday schedule.

With over 80 years of experience, our team of individuals reports to each customer no matter your location in Hershey. Not only do we implement the most effective and proficient sealcoating equipment, but we also invest in our employees to be innovative and to research up-to-date techniques. We dedicate our services to offering commercial customers valuable results.

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Bishop McDevitt High School (304,500 SF)
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Daniel B. Krieg is a family-owned business and a front-runner in the application of liquid asphalt emulsions, cements and sealers. It’s recommended to sealcoat your parking lot every three to five years. Whether you live on the east or west side of Hershey is no matter to us. We service Harrisburg, York and many surrounding areas.

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