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York Commercial and Residential Sealcoating Contractor

commercial sealcoating york pa If you're looking for the best sealcoating contractor near York, PA, you've come to the right place. Daniel B. Krieg, Inc. has been providing superior asphalt maintenance solutions to individuals and companies throughout the area since 1933. With an office just west of the city of York in West Manchester Township, we can provide prompt, reliable local service to your company.

You can also expect the highest quality services — we've been voted the top sealcoating contractor by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine for nine consecutive years! For a free sealcoating or crack filling quote:

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Our York Sealcoating Services

As the leading pavement maintenance company near York, Daniel B. Krieg can perform crack filling and sealcoating services that will provide a long-lasting protective layer on your parking lot. When applied to asphalt-based surfaces, our materials will safeguard your pavement from damage caused by prolonged exposure to rain, snow, oil and the sun's destructive ultraviolet rays. Crack filling and commercial sealcoating in York will restore the appearance of your asphalt surfaces, reduce your maintenance costs and help you avoid expensive replacements.

Crack Filling in York

Cracks are a natural part of aging asphalt. As asphalt shrinks and contracts with the weather, minor cracks begin forming and growing on the surface. As soon as cracks start to appear in your parking lot, you should have them filled to prevent them from growing in size. Untreated cracks can turn into potholes in less than 3 years! 

Daniel B. Krieg offers crack filling services in York, Hershey and the surrounding areas in central PA. We use PennDOT-approved rubberized material to fill straight cracks in asphalt and blacktop. We recommend filling cracks as soon as you see them to save time and prevent them from spreading through your entire asphalt surface. 

The crack filling material works to protect cracks immediately, so you can continue using your property with little to no downtime. Some advantages of crack filling include: 

  • Safety: Asphalt cracks can turn into potholes if left untreated. Potholes are hard on vehicles and pose a trip hazard to pedestrians, so filling cracks immediately can keep all visitors safe. 
  • Cost: Crack filling has one of the lowest costs compared to other asphalt maintenance procedures. Fill cracks instead of paying for expensive asphalt repairs down the road. 
  • Time: Our rubberized crack filler material is PennDOT approved. The material dries quickly, so you can get back to using your parking lot right away!  

Sealcoating Benefits for York Businesses

Sealcoating will protect and beautify your asphalt parking lot. We recommend sealcoating your lot every four to five years for the best results over time. 

Plenty of benefits come with sealcoating that other maintenance procedures provide at a much higher cost. Some advantages of sealcoating include: 

  • Improved maintenance costs: Sealcoating can protect and enhance your parking lot at a fraction of the cost of pavement repairs. Our affordable sealcoating service costs much less than what you would pay for new asphalt. 
  • Enhanced appearance: Sealcoating gives your parking lot a clean, black, refreshed appearance. You can improve the appearance of your entire property with one sealcoating treatment. 
  • Protected investments: When you put time and money into owning an asphalt lot, you want to make the most of every dollar. Sealcoating extends your asphalt's lifetime to ensure you can get the most from your investment. 

Daniel B. Krieg is your source for sealcoating services and information. Our sealcoating equipment is some of the best in the industry, and we only hire experienced professionals. Watch our video now to see the complete list of sealcoating benefits: 

About Our Sealcoating Process

We execute our seven-step sealcoating process using Sealmaster® sealer, a high-quality material that produces an attractive black color and provides excellent resistance to fuel and oil. Our method includes:

  • Trimming around the edges of the asphalt surface with a power edger to remove grass and dirt
  • Cleaning the surface with powerful equipment such as sweepers, blowers and rotary brooms
  • Treating any oil spots with a primer to ensure proper sealer adhesion
  • Using compressed air to blow debris out of surface cracks, then applying a hot rubberized crack filler
  • Closing off the area with cones and barricades to deter vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Applying two coats of sealer via spray or brush and brushing the trim by hand to eliminate overspray
  • Repainting the lines on the parking lot

The parking lot will be ready for vehicles and pedestrians approximately 24 hours after sealcoating.

Crack Filling Services for York-Area Businesses

As a full-service asphalt maintenance contractor near York, Daniel B. Krieg can perform crack filling on existing surfaces to extend the life of your parking lot and minimize your long-term ownership costs. Filling cracks with rubberized material prevents water and moisture from penetrating the surface. According to The Strategic Highway Research Programs Long-Term Pavement Performance Study, annual crack filling can increase the lifespan of an asphalt surface by six to 20 years.

We are insured and prequalified by PennDOT to perform commercial sealcoating in York. Our experienced professionals employ the most efficient methods and equipment to provide pavement sealing and asphalt emulsion for your parking lot or maintenance. York neighborhoods can rely on Daniel B. Krieg for exceptional services and prices. We have been working around central PA and the surrounding areas for over 90 years, and our experts will continue to offer valuable results no matter your location.

Why Choose Daniel B. Krieg as Your York County Sealcoating Company?

2018 top pavement contractor D. B. KriegDaniel B. Krieg is a family-owned business with a strong commitment to serving the needs of our customers. We believe in being transparent and trustworthy — you'll always get honest, straightforward answers to all your questions. Our team consists of experienced professionals who will work hard to exceed your expectations, and with our one-year guarantee on workmanship and materials, you can move forward with your crack filling or sealcoating project with complete confidence.

Contact us online to learn more about our crack filling and asphalt sealcoating services and get a free estimate today. You can also give us a call at 800-334-4929.

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