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Square Galvanized Posts

Give your signs the support they need with quality, durable square galvanized posts from Daniel B. Krieg.  Our square posts come in different heights and gauges, and they feature:

  • Hot dip galvanized coating that prevents corrosion
  • Pre-punched holes on all sides for easy sign installation
  • 14-gauge steel that meets ASTM A653 specification
  • Approval by the Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT


Square galvanized traffic sign posts available at Daniel B. Krieg represent the ultimate traffic sign support system. Square galvanized posts consist of welded, perforated square tubing and are hot-dip galvanized, thereby conforming to coating designation G-90 for optimal corrosion prevention.

Galvanized square posts are perfect for displaying:

  • Traffic signs
  • Property signs
  • Parking signs


If durability is your main concern, square galvanized posts are ideal. Galvanized finishes provide exceptional resistance to rust, which is essential for traffic posts since they are exposed to the elements all year round. With a galvanized coating, your post will be protected against rust, chipping and weathering.

The square galvanized posts are ideal if you need:

  • Greater loading capacity
  • The ability to mount traffic signs on four sides of the post
  • Excellent flexibility in mounting options
  • The ability to quickly and easily replace old or damaged posts by pulling them out of the foundation and inserting a new one

Green U-Channel Posts

Our green U-channel posts stand the test of time and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and more.


Buying U-channel posts over the square galvanized variety will provide a lower cost per installation. In addition, some square traffic sign posts may warrant the use of certain breakaway features such as slip bases to meet criteria for being crashworthy, which can further increase their cost.

However, U-channel traffic posts have a lower loading capacity, and you can't use them to mount signs at 90-degree angles on the same post. Additionally, no more than three U-channel posts can be used for a single sign without the presence of a breakaway feature.

In many cases, square galvanized traffic posts are better suited to more long-term and heavy-duty installations, where their longevity will help justify their cost. For temporary uses or signs located in less busy areas, green U-channel posts could be the way to go.

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Since 1933, Daniel B. Krieg has provided asphalt sealcoating and crack repair services Harrisburg, York, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Lancaster, Hershey, and surrounding areas.

Today, we offer a comprehensive selection of traffic sign posts and other products to companies nationwide. Our retail offerings in our Harrisburg & York locations are curated with one objective in mind: to become your source for all the tools you need to do exceptional work on your next project.  Whenever you’re beginning a project, contact Daniel B. Krieg and get the tools you need for a job well done.

Product Ordering Information

Q.Can I place orders with my credit card?


Yes, customers can pay with a credit card. Call 717.792.0284 now if you're ready to place your order.

Q.Can I arrange to pick up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company?


Yes, we offer our own freight options, but if you want to set up your own pickup or freight arrangements, that is an option also.

Q.Do you accept credit card for international orders?


No, we do not accept Credit Cards for international orders.

Q.Can you ship orders internationally?


No, we do not ship orders internatonally or take any international orders at this time.

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