square galvanized posts The biggest & brightest sign is only effective if it is properly mounted and supported. Our strong, versatile, and cost effective square posts are approved by the Federal Highway Administration & PennDOT.
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Benefits of Using Quality Galvanized Posts and Breakaway Systems

Daniel B. Krieg's square upright and breakaway sign posts are enhanced using several features, each of which boosts the product's quality, safety and longevity. The benefits of our sign posts include:

Corrosion Prevention

Your sign posts will inevitably face some wear and tear. Rain, snow, wind and fluctuating temperatures all threaten to wreak havoc on sign posts left outdoors long term. It's important to use posts that can handle a changing environment without compromising stability.

Daniel B. Krieg's square sign posts are hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion and rust. This process involves dipping the fabricated steel into molten zinc, forming a protective alloy coating. The coating gives our posts a barrier against the elements, extending their maintenance-free life spans by years.

Impact Protection

The breakaway sign post kit makes it easy to replace damaged signs! The square post breakaway system will snap off at the stub when the post is hit by a vehicle. When the upper part of the post is hit, the top post is designed to break off, while the base post remains firmly in the ground.This means the same base post can be re-used multiples times, which will save you time and money.

The breakaway sign post system has many perks over a traditional sign post, including:

  • Easier repair: Instead of re-installing a new base post into the ground, you will only need to replace the top post quickly without significant hold-ups to productivity.
  • Improved safety: Breakaway sign posts are designed to break-off when hit with impact. In a collision, the top post will always break away easily, unlike a traditional sign post that will hold firm even when struck. This increases driver safety exponentially by preventing the vehicle and driver from bearing the brunt of the collision.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Instead of digging a new hole and purchasing a new sign post base — not to mention paying for a crew to accomplish this — you can repair breakaway sign systems simply and affordably. Following any impact, all you have to do is slide a new top post into the existing base post.

Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT Post Requirements

Each of our square galvanized upright posts and breakaway systems are designed to meet Federal Highway Administration and PennDOT requirements. This means our posts have been crash tested to ensure they break upon impact. According to PennDOT, all newly installed or replaced signs in clear zone of their roadways must use breakaway posts to enhance roadside safety in the event of a collision.

If you're in need of high-quality square sign posts in a variety of lengths and sizes, contact Daniel B. Krieg today. Our square upright posts and breakaway sign posts are manufactured with durable metals that comply with ASTM standards. Reach out to us today to learn more about our posts and request a quote.

2" 14 Gauge Square Upright Post

  • Hot dip galvanized for excellent corrosion prevention
  • Approved by the Federal Highway Administration & PennDOT
  • 14 gauge steel complies with ASTM specifiction A653
  • 7/16” holes on 1” centers on all 4 sides for easy sign installation
  • Available in 8’, 10’ & 12’ lengths


Square Galvanized Post Breakaway System

  • Posts break away at the stub upon impact
  • Hot dip galvanized for excellent corrosion prevention
  • Approved by the Federal Highway Administration & PennDOT
  • 12 & 14 gauge steel complies with ASTM specifiction A653
  • 7/16” holes on 1” centers on all 4 sides for easy sign installation
  • The Breakaway System Includes:
    • 2” 14 Gauge Square Upright Post (8’, 10’, or 12’ length)
    • 3 ft. 2.25” 12 Gauge Base Post for Breakaway
    • Hardware (1 Corner Bolt & 1 Nut)

Product Ordering Information

Q.Can I place orders with my credit card?


Yes, customers can pay with a credit card. Call 717.792.0284 now if you're ready to place your order.

Q.Can I arrange to pick up from your store/warehouse by a private freight company?


Yes, we offer our own freight options, but if you want to set up your own pickup or freight arrangements, that is an option also.

Q.Do you accept credit card for international orders?


No, we do not accept Credit Cards for international orders.

Q.Can you ship orders internationally?


No, we do not ship orders internatonally or take any international orders at this time.

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