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It's more important than ever to be environmentally conscious during your construction activities. Doing so includes protecting local streams, rivers and other sensitive waterways from the effects of severe weather conditions like storms and high winds on eroded soil. One of the best ways to do so is with Super Silt Fence supplied by DB Krieg, Inc.

Daniel B. Krieg has a complete supply of 50’ Super Silt Fence Kits to serve the needs of commercial businesses, municipalities, and general contractors in Central PA.

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What Is A Super Silt Fence?

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A super silt fence is a type of temporary erosion protection fence that's made with a special polypropylene woven geotextile installed on the perimeters of construction sites. It's often found in areas that are sloping or in danger of extreme erosion. Super silt fences help control sediment runoff while construction work is underway.

This type of fencing provides a barrier that prevents soil from running into nearby areas like fields and small streams that can lead to larger bodies of water. The distinction between super silt fences and ordinary silt fences is the chain-link fence that reinforces the geotextile for extra strength and better protection.

This option is an effective way to prevent sediment resulting from wind or water flowing over soil stockpiles, spillways, drains and other sources from entering stormwater drainage pipes. This application serves to reduce pollution of rivers and other sensitive environments that might otherwise be affected.

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A super silt fence features a chain-link fence, metal posts, hog rings and the fencing material itself. Super silt fences are lightweight and mobile, so you can pick them up and relocate them with ease as you see fit.

The stakes are embedded into the soil at the bottom of the hill or the perimeter cutoff near a construction site. Water can move through the polypropylene woven geotextile material. Silt, sediment and contaminated soil cannot move from the construction site to enter the surrounding environment, ensuring compliance with guidelines from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The metal chain-link fencing fortifies the structure so the soil and debris won't cause it to collapse and risk runoff.

To ensure the best results from your super silt fence, ensure you install it in the proper area and use the static slicing method. Static slicing involves inserting a blade straight into the soil anywhere from 8-12 inches deep and threading the fence material through it as it creates the slice in the ground. This method ensures the soil around the fence isn't disturbed, preventing water from finding its way beneath the fence.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Super Silt Fence During Your Project?

Using a super silt fence during your construction project offers several benefits. Super silt fences are:

  • Environmentally friendly: A super silt fence is a relatively fast, affordable and simple way to protect the local environment. Construction site sediment runoff laws aim to contain chemicals, fertilizers, and other contaminants that could cause a safety hazard. The synthetic material of the super silt fence will prevent the silt and sediment from depositing into the surrounding environment, effectively preventing it from entering local water streams.
  • Recyclable: The plastic polypropylene and geotextile material also makes the super silt fence completely recyclable.
  • Easy to install: The fabric is lightweight and easy to handle and carry. You can install it as quickly and easily as you would install any temporary fence. Super silt fences are sturdy and great at preventing the majority of sediment from getting through into your waterways during your construction projects.
  • Durable: While super silt fences are lightweight and easy to handle, they're also durable and long-lasting in the face of the elements. With proper care, your super silt fence can last up to several months for long construction projects.
  • Inexpensive and reusable: Noncompliance with local codes can result in large fines, so your super silt fence is well worth the investment. And because the fence fabric is durable, you can potentially use it for multiple construction projects.
  • Fully functioning: Your super silt fence kit comes fully loaded with all of the parts you need — including the chain-link fence, posts, hog rings and fencing materials — for quick, efficient installation.

Why Work With DB Krieg for Your Super Silt Fence Needs?

If you need a super silt fence for your construction project in Central PA, call Daniel B. Krieg for a quote! Please note that we do not install the fence, we simply sell the supplies. In addition to being the sealcoat and crack filling experts, we have been a trusted source for products like geotextiles, waterproofing membranes, erosion control products, drainage pipes and related products for decades.

As a family-owned business whose roots in Central PA date back to 1933, we are a company that businesses in Central PA have learned to rely on. If this is your first purchase from us, we'll do everything we can to make you a lifelong customer.

Our super silt fence kits are affordable and high-quality. To order yours, or for a free estimate on super silt fence kits, get in touch with us now.

Call 717-792-0284 for pricing and ordering information or contact us to place your order!

50' Super Silt Fence Kit

silt fence kit

Silt Fence keeps eroded material from spreading and contaminating other areas.


  • (1) 50' 11.5 ga chain link 42" high
  • (5) 6' X 2 1/2" sps 15 post
  • (15) Aluminum post ties
  • (50) Hog rings
  • (1) 50' of 50" fabric


  • Call or Contact for Quantity Pricing

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Yes, customers can pay with a credit card. Call 717.792.0284 now if you're ready to place your order.

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Yes, we offer our own freight options, but if you want to set up your own pickup or freight arrangements, that is an option also.

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No, we do not accept Credit Cards for international orders.

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No, we do not ship orders internatonally or take any international orders at this time.

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