Double the Life Of Your Asphalt with Sealcoating

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Asphalt sealcoating can double the life of your asphalt

By using Daniel B. Krieg, Inc.'s asphalt sealcoating services, you can double the life of your asphalt. Our business has proudly served the Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania area for over nine decades. We use specialized sealcoating equipment and techniques to deliver high quality, competitively-priced services from start to finish.

We recommend sealcoating your asphalt surfaces every four to five years. Without sealcoating, even the most well-maintained pavement will cost you two to three times more over its life span because of required maintenance. As a fully insured and PennDOT-approved contractor, we'll protect your asphalt with our sealcoating and crack filling services.

Boosting the Life Expectancy of Asphalt Paving

The average life expectancy of an asphalt parking lot is about 15 to 25 years, depending on traffic volume, maintenance and if you sealcoat the pavement. Without sealcoating and crack filling, the life span decreases by half. Unsealed asphalt surfaces break down and deteriorate. The sun's ultraviolet rays bake the essential strength and flexibility properties out of asphalt, leaving it brittle and full of hairline cracks that make the surface vulnerable to water invasion. Aggregate ravels from the surface and the pavement becomes rough.

How the Asphalt Surface Deteriorates

Once an asphalt surface starts to wear away, water penetration enlarges cracks and freeze/thaw cycles add to the breakdown. Further surface deterioration occurs from gas and oil leaks that soften and pit the asphalt. These stained areas combine to give an unsightly and un-cared-for look to a faded surface. Here's how deterioration happens:

  1. Sunlight and oxidation weaken the pavement surface and cause asphalt to become dry and brittle.
  2. The top layer of asphalt begins to erode, exposing the larger aggregate and leading to small cracks and a rougher surface.
  3. Cracks reach the sub-surface, and water penetration continues to cause surface separation. If cracks are not addressed, this leads to potholes.

effects of freeze and thaw on blacktop

How to Extend the Life of Asphalt Surfaces

Asphalt is robust and can handle wear and tear, but exposure to fuel, chemicals and elements can speed up deterioration. Extending the life of asphalt paving takes some maintenance and care. Here are five ways to safeguard your asphalt surfaces:

  1. Routinely sweep and clean your asphalt pavement.
  2. Seal cracks as soon as they appear. Crack filling is recommended on an annual basis, prior to the winter season.
  3. Sealcoat your pavement every four years.
  4. Repair any drainage problems.
  5. Invest in a pavement maintenance plan through Daniel B. Krieg, Inc.

Why Invest in Sealcoating for Your Asphalt Pavement?

Sealcoating your asphalt paving delivers various benefits. Here are some of the many reasons people decide to invest in pavement maintenance and sealcoat their asphalt.


Sealcoating prevents asphalt surface oxidation by forming a tough, protective outer skin.


Sealcoating seals the porous asphalt surface, preventing damaging water penetration.


Sealcoating protects asphalt from the deteriorating effects of gasoline, oil, de-icers, and other harsh chemical spills.


Sealcoating provides a jet-black finish and a fresh, new appearance that improves the image of any business.


Avoid expensive asphalt paving replacement by spending less than $0.25 per square foot on sealcoating maintenance (compared to anywhere from $15-$50 per square foot for paving!)

One of the most critical factors behind selecting a superior commercial sealcoating contractor is the quality of their materials and an effective mix design.

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Asphalt sealcoating protects your pavement against harmful elements. The layer of protection results in an extended life span and will reduce the frequency of expensive repairs. The sealcoating will also improve your parking lot's appearance making the surface look fresh, dark and professional.

Daniel B. Krieg, Inc. is an industry-leading commercial . Since 1933, our family-operated business has helped customers enhance the look and prolong the working life of their pavement. We take a customer-centric approach, building long-term partnerships.

Leverage our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and superior service — contact us online or call 800.334.4929.

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