Harrisburg Area Businesses Want to Know: Why Sealcoat?

If you’re considering sealcoating, turn to Daniel B. Krieg to be your industry expert. Since 1933, we have served Harrisburg, York and other Central Pennsylvania communities with sealcoating services that help maximize the value and life of paved services. We can help you identify whether or not sealcoating is right for you.

If you decide that sealcoating is the service your business needs, it’s important to answer the following questions:

  • Should I sealcoat? Paving a surface is an investment. Don’t you want to protect that investment and help maximize its life? One of the biggest reasons to sealcoat includes gaining protection for your paved surface. Sealcoating reduces wear and tear from traffic, which saves you money on further maintenance or repairs. Sealcoating can also help Harrisburg, York and other Central Pennsylvania businesses protect your paved surface from snow in the winter as well as sun and rain throughout the year. A sealcoated surface will also look fantastic and help you achieve an attractive deep black color.
  • When should I sealcoat? You should sealcoat within the first year of new pavement being placed, and then every 3-4 years after that.  You know it’s time to sealcoat when your paved surface is showing cracks, or if it is looking worn or porous. Can you see broken areas? These cracks can begin to creep over time, leading to more extensive repairs or a full re-paving. Significant cracks also allow debris and moisture to escape under the surface. In cold weather, this moisture can freeze and lead to even more cracking.
  • What time of year can sealcoating be done? If your existing surface needs sealcoating, we can help you choose the right season. Temperatures need to be consistently above 65 degrees for successful sealcoating.
  • How often should I seal? To provide consistent protection for your surface, it’s best to sealcoat once every three to four years. This allows your surface to maintain the true asphalt-black color and to fight off cracking that develops in a non-coated surface. Our team is happy to provide guidance on the best time to seal and whether or not your surface is due for a sealcoat treatment.

Maximizing Your Investment

Winters can be harsh in Central Pennsylvania. If you live and work in Harrisburg, York, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle or the surrounding communities, there are great benefits to sealcoating your paved surfaces and ensuring that your investment is maximized. Daniel B. Krieg has worked in these communities for more than 80 years, helping customers decide whether or not to sealcoat, when to sealcoat and how often to sealcoat.

why should I sealcoat in Harrisburg

We only employ the most knowledgeable team of sealcoating experts who work in Harrisburg and the surrounding area to apply the latest technology. We’re proud of our long-lasting customer relationships, and we’ll help you sealcoat your paved surfaces and maximize your investments.

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