Parking Lot Maintenance 101 for Property Managers

parking lot asphalt maintenance 101 for property managers
Your parking lot is the first thing that visitors see when they come to your property. A parking lot that shows signs of neglect will have a negative impact on your visitors before they even reach your front door.

Beyond first impressions, asphalt parking lot maintenance is also a crucial part of your safety plan. You could hurt your customers and leave yourself wide open for financial liability by neglecting your parking lot asphalt. This is because unrepaired cracks and potholes are menaces for cars and potential tripping hazards for people.

parking lots that show signs of neglect will negatively affect your business

Immediately after having your parking lot asphalt installed, you should start planning your maintenance program. A Daniel B. Krieg professional can set you up with a cost-effective pavement maintenance plan to keep your asphalt in good condition and save you money in the long run. We typically recommend crack filing annually and sealcoating every 3-5 years. Based on the size and condition of your parking lot, we can even provide you with budgetary numbers to help you plan ahead.

Why Pavement Maintenance is Important

Crack filling and sealcoating your aslphalt parking lot pavement is much less expensive than having to repair and/or replace it as a result of neglect. Parking lots that are sealcoated every three to five years and crack filled annually can last 30 years without replacement, compared to an approximate 15-year lifespan for a lot with little to no maintenance.

regular parking lot maintenance can help your parking lot last 30 years
Sealcoating can cost as little as 8 cents a square foot, compared to as much as $6 a square foot for major asphalt repairs. We estimate that routine crack filling and sealcoating services can save a business as much as $120,000 on a 30,000-square-foot parking lot over its full lifetime. Contact us today for a free quote to take your first step to a better parking lot asphalt maintenance plan.

How Asphalt Deteriorates

Asphalt is constantly bombarded with UV rays, water and — in most of the country — expanding and contracting ice during the winter months. Over time, the combined attacks of water, oxidation and thermal fluctuation cause the asphalt surface to dry, grow brittle, and break down. Tiny cracks form in the dried surface, which loosen the aggregate and let water in. Oil leaks from cars often accelerate this deterioration.

Without regular crack filing and sealcoating maintenance, what is left after a few years is a dry, gray surface riddled with cracks and potholes. Which is one reason why having an effective parking lot asphalt maintenance plan is crucial for keeping a compliant and safe parking lot.

How to Maintain Your Parking Lot Asphalt

Unfortunately, asphalt deterioration is unavoidable.  However, it can be slowed down significantly with routine crack filling & sealcoating.  Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your asphalt – you will be saving yourself significant money in the long run by giving your parking lot the care & attention it needs.

how to slow down asphalt deterioration

It's a good idea to walk your parking lot every few months to assess its current condition. A Daniel B. Krieg professional can help you with this. Our estimators can assess the current condition of your parking lot pavement and provide you with our most cost-effective recommendations, as well as a free, no obligation quote.

How Often to Sealcoat and Crack Fill a Parking Lot

If your pavement appears coarse, dry, and gray, then it is due for a sealcoat. You should have your pavement sealcoated within 3-6 months of the initial pavement being installed, and then every 3-5 years after that. Sealcoating protects pavement against water penetration, oxidation, and oil leaks. A freshly sealcoated surface will also restore the clean, jet-black look of a newly installed asphalt parking lot. At Daniel B. Krieg we use only the best materials.  Our sealer is a durable, high-performance, environmentally friendly material that is backed by a nationally recognized quality assurance program. Contact us today for a free quote.

when to sealcoat pavement after pavement installation

If you notice cracks in your pavement that are 1/8” or wider, they should be crack filled immediately to prevent them from growing and expanding. A large crack can generate migrating cracks, which will eventually result in failure of your pavement sub-base (i.e. potholes, raveling, alligatoring, etc.) Once your pavement sub-base fails, you will have no choice but to pay for an expensive replacement service. At Daniel B. Krieg, we use high-pressure air to clean cracks, followed by an application of rubberized sealant.

If your lot is in the central or southeastern Pennsylvania or northern Maryland area, call or submit an online request for a free quote and get started on an effective preventative maintenance plan for your asphalt parking lot.

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